Squared Online – Sept 2013 Start

Hello and welcome to the first of many blogs that I will be writing during my journey on the Squared Online, the Digital Marketing course from Google and the Home Learning Collage.

Now a lot of you may be wondering why I have called my blog “Crumpets Squared”, well I plan to use this blog as an extension to my other blog that I co-write “Biltong and Crumpets”, which you can find here http://goo.gl/jLoZYy.

Whilst I may be new to the blogging game, having only started writing for Biltong and Crumpets only a couple of months ago, April 30th 2013 to be exact, I hope that my natural blogging skills will have vastly improved come the end of my course in 6 months time, especially as a major part of my assignments will consist of me maintaining this blog 😉

For this first post I am going to keep in short and sweet as I need to start editing the second and third parts of my 1st assignment (a Youtube Video and Presentation slide) but rest assured you will be hearing more from me fairly soon J

Until next time,



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